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India Bike Ride Itinerary

Firstly the bike ride trip is EASY because we will supply you with an ultra modern geared HERO bicycle. You don’t have to bring your own which is an airline hassle and costly. Your first stay will be in New Hope Children’s Community Village and do 3 days volunteer work if you wish. Gardening, teaching english, carpentry, cooking. Go by train 58 tunnels and 84 bridges to see one of the worlds oldest known caves in the...


New Hope Newsletter 2021

Much of we achieved in the last year was simply by the support given to our love bundle appeal. People in the greatest need were cared for in this Covid stressful time – Thank you In the last one year – as across the world – life has changed. Our work load has been more not less as we had extra responsibilities – not just the duty of ensuring the children were safe from Covid in...


New Hope Newsletter 2017

Half a year has gone and I can’t believe it. It has been a tough time for me, up and down to Perth from Broome for treatment at Murdoch Hospital! Couldn’t have made it without Al of course. Not exactly a tourist run. But I’m doing OK, so I’m learning to live in the moment. Good days and bad days make it hard for me to do as much as I wish I could do for...


Phailin Cyclone Relief

The response to our Cyclone Relief appeal was sincerely appreciated. The devastation in some colonies was hard to describe, with the funds one colony which has repaired have expressed their gratitude to every one who gave. The work of the repair is been supervised by a social worker volunteer. Read more… Phailin Cyclone Relief


Phailin Cyclone Relief Fund India

Never expected it to be so bad and prolonged to recover! About an hour ago an exhausted looking young guy arrived back from Puri. The town is flooded still and they are trying to get generators for pumping out over the sea bund. No current still. Mr.Patro our senior supervisor is there – as he had gone on ‘holidays’ two days prior to the Cyclone – bit like you say ‘busman holiday’ Never expected it to be...


Nurse Maggie Documentary

Nurse Maggie is a poignant documentary that looks at the extraordinary life of Australian nurse and ‘Order of Australia Medal’ recipient, Maggie Sister and the work she undertakes with India’s most reviled and outcast people. The documentary by Heath Film works on two levels. Primarily it delves into Maggie’s chequered past, examines what motivates her, and what drives her to do this confronting work. Secondly it takes a physical journey with Nurse Maggie through the most inaccessible and...