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New Hope Newsletter 2021

Much of we achieved in the last year was simply by the support given to our love bundle appeal. People in the greatest need were cared for in this Covid stressful time – Thank you In the last one year – as across the world – life has changed. Our work load has been more not less as we had extra responsibilities – not just the duty of ensuring the children were safe from Covid in...


New Hope Newsletter 2020

Just a short Newsletter to thank everyone who has supported us during this stressful Corona Virus time. Our aim has been to keep all those who we care for as safe as possible to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure those vulnerable like Tribal people in villages and Leprosy affected aged in colonies both safe and ensure food provisions and medical care. None of this has been easy both in management and financially....


New Hope Newsletter 2019

As the year 2019 comes to an end we look back and are thankful for the incredible support so many people have given to New Hope from across the world and especially so many individuals and groups in Australia – Every dollar finds its way to giving a care that is too often too hard to write and believe. We give many Love Bundles away to aged persons and at the same time to young people who...