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New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust

New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust is located in Andhra Pradesh & Odisha, India. New Hope India was founded in 1985 by Eliazar T Rose, the son of two leprosy patients, who has dedicated his life to helping India`s poorest and most vulnerable people. Eliazar was featured in the National magazine India Today in 1996 as an an “Angel of Hope” and referred to as a “Helping hand”. Again in 2013 Eliazar and Ruth were awarded into “Hall of Fame” of the Civil Society India . Since then New Hope India have consistently reached out with an “Open Door” policy to help...


Appeal from Maggie Sister

Dear Friends, I’m stepping out in faith to ask if you could help with New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust – India. I know that this year I have failed in being able to send enough money to New Hope India and that because of this some projects have had to have been pulled back a little. I haven’t had good health this year and so I haven’t been able to actively raise funds as much as I have over the past 26 years. It’s my intention to get back into the action next year. So to put it plainly, we are...


Nurse Maggie Documentary

Nurse Maggie is a poignant documentary that looks at the extraordinary life of Australian nurse and ‘Order of Australia Medal’ recipient, Maggie Sister and the work she undertakes with India’s most reviled and outcast people. The documentary by Heath Film works on two levels. Primarily it delves into Maggie’s chequered past, examines what motivates her, and what drives her to do this confronting work. Secondly it takes a physical journey with Nurse Maggie through the most inaccessible and marginalised areas of India. The physical and emotional journeys are inextricably entwined. As the film unfolds it becomes clear that through helping others Nurse...