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Tribal Shawls

Tribal Shawls, ‘Dongr’ means ‘field on mountains’. As per the tradition of the tribes, the unmarried Dongria girls sit at ‘Dongr’ embroidering beautiful geometric patterns on plain handwoven shawls, for their would be husbands. The sheer art of love and dedication takes over a month for a single tribal shawl. Triangles represent Niyamgiri Hills – the home of the primitive tribal group of Dongria Kondhs. The Dangaria Kandha or Dongria Kondh people are members of the...


Tribes in India

Odisha (previously simply called Orissa) is uniquely proud for the tinted spread of ethnic mosaic brought over by the 62 culturally vibrant tribes including 13 primitive tribe groups, who are found sprinkled all over the state. Tribes India. Kondh Tribes  “One sub-group of Kondhas is the Dongria Kondhas. They inhabit the plateaus of Niyamgiri hill ranges which cover parts of Rayagada and Koraput and Kalahandi districts. Their major concentration is found in the blocks of Kalyansinghpur,...


Christmas News 2012

Christmas Love Bundles are given out to aged Leprosy patients and you receive a card to pass on as a gift to others, for every Christmas Love Bundle purchased. Maybe you will buy a Love Bundle card on behalf of your family or to give as a gift to a friend or family member who you know would rather see that you have, on their behalf given a gift that will change a life, than be...