New Hope Newsletter 2016

Greetings as the year 2016 comes to an end. Thank you for all that so many have helped New Hope during the year. Thank you to those who have read our last Newsletter and given for the Love Bundle appeal; much appreciated. We still have Love Bundle Virtual Gift Cards available.

Eliazar New Hope India.


As always we are stepping out in faith to ask if you could help with New Hope Trust India. Its our annual Love Bundle Christmas appeal.

I am writing on behalf of Maggie sister who is not well at this time. Hopefully we can all share part of the incredible efforts Maggie sister put into fund raising for New Hope. Graeme Harris who recently took on the voluntary task of Treasurer will help organise sending you the Love Bundle Card. (You can pay by PayPal or Bank Transfer). Other friends will also have them to promote the appeal. Deanne Chatt who previously was a Trust Secretary is back in Australia and will have cards for friends in her group.

Leprosy is still a real health problem in India, its not historical, it real today sadly.

See Leprosy & Colony Support

Please support us in this Annual Appeal that changes the quality of life of some of the poorest people imaginable.


Christmas Love Bundles are given out to aged Leprosy patients and you receive a card to pass on as a gift to others, for every Christmas Love Bundle receive a hand-made Christmas Card from New Hope which can be given instead of a gift.

Maybe you will buy a Love Bundle card on behalf of your family or to give as a gift to a friend or family member who you know would rather see that you have, on their behalf given a gift that will change a life, than be given another $20 gift voucher for yet another CD!

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In the Christmas Love Bundle the patient gets:

  • New Bed Sheet and Towel.
  • A Sari and Blouse or Loongi and Shirt for men
  • New specially made Sandals for their deformed feet.
  • Soap, Scented Powder, Coconut Oil, a special Comb, Sweets.


Love Bundle 2016

Love Bundle 2016

$20 dollars is all it takes to give something so treasured to people in much need of items so simple; their excitement in receiving a Love Bundle and it is amazing to be there to witness.

Maggie Sister

Maggie Sister

In January 2016 a group of Australians together with a couple from England joined us in a 15 day off the track Bike Ride that covered all major projects of New Hope where the Love Bundles were distributed. It was an incredible experience for them. It was a pleasure for me to see how both the bike riders and the aged who received the Love Bundles smiled and enjoyed the giving and receiving .One of the hi-lites was seeing the joy on leprosy patients and aged tribal women, people who come for cataract eye surgery and homeless women in the city near to New Hope, receive the Bundles of Love. (We also gave the children of Jhan Jhur Colony a children Love Bundle)

Maggie sister enjoys this part of New Hope visits as she sees what a difference to the quality of life this small bundle makes to people. New Hope India Relief Australia Inc.

Bundle of Love - Donation
Bundle of Love - Donation
Our love bundles are given out at Christmas time. Mostly to Leprosy colonies whom New Hope care for. Each love bundle includes a Bed Sheet, Towel, Sari (or Loongi for men) Sandals (made at New Hope by our Cobblers), Soap, Coconut Oil, Talcum Powder, all wrapped up with a big red bow.
Price: 20.00 AUD
YEN 1,906.00

This is what you gave with every $20 Gift Bundle of Love

Each Love Bundle gives each elderly Leprosy patient. New comb, sandals, sari, bath towel, soap, coconut oil, scented powder, hair clips and sweets. Bundles of Love are really more than just presents or a gift. They contain practical needed items* A comb with a long and wide handle, that is easy to hold as many of the aged leprosy patients have deformed hands. A pair of sandals, Velcro tape straps, inserts made from soft flexible runner. The soles are tough recycled car tyre rubber. Each is made to fit the foot as almost all the aged have a serious foot deformity. The sandal prevents ulcers caused through the now curable disease. For the women, a bright Indian sari, which they swap with other women to get the colour that ‘suits’ them. The men are just as enthusiastic to get a new ‘western’ shirt and the traditional loongi. A cotton bath towel is a must too. It’s a great time to be here when the Bundles are distributed. For the aged who receive these Bundles; Soap, hair oil, scented powder, hair clips for the women – are all luxuries. They all like a card with the gift: it binds them to the idea of it really being a gift, from friends that they never will meet who have included them in their Christmas.


May You have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy Peaceful 2017.

Eliazar T Rose, Director, New Hope India
Maggie Sister, OAM, Patron of Friends of New Hope Australia.

New Hope

Maggie Nolan McMullen, OAM – Patron, Founder Member *RIP – 24th September, 2019. She was an inspirational woman who has devoted much of her life to helping the sick and poor in India. Maggie Sister was the founder Trustee and Patron of “New Hope India Relief Australia Inc and a Trustee of New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust India”. She lived and worked from the idyllic town of Broome Western Australia, but her life’s work took her far from that setting. The grandmother of three was known as Maggie Sister, a name given to her by the people with whom she worked in the Indian regions of Western Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. New Hope has TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION STATUS in Australia. We are hoping now that business people and you our supporters will have tax relief when donating to us.

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