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Leprosy Colony Support

BACK TO HOME The situation in 2016 is different than 3 years ago when the Government of India and the World Health Organization started to promote the concept that Leprosy has been eradicated from India. It was a play on statistics that has come back to haunt organizations like New Hope., We are finding new cases of young people with leprosy. It’s a long complicated medical situation caused by the unusual possible long incubation and patients...


Leprosy Patients

Leprosy Patients: Words will never explain what it must be like to be a Leprosy aged patient and someone sends you a gift…a Love Bundle…I feel so honoured to be part of this project that we started 20 years ago. I get teary every year, knowing what it means to them…they feel that they haven’t been forgotten and it is so special to them. Can you imagine what it must be like to be sick, shunned and...