Volunteers in India

Volunteers in India many people ask about volunteering in the beginning we took very few volunteers, simply because we did not have accommodation and also because our work, in many instances, is in Tribal areas, well away from any ‘city comforts’. In some areas of New Hope India this is still the case. We are, by world standards, a small voluntary organization so we are not always able to accommodate everyone.

Volunteers in India it should be remembered that the philosophy of New Hope is “Indians helping Indians” with a little help from friends. Therefore, we are not looking for volunteers who will ‘take over’ the various jobs that need to be done, but simply to offer advice or perhaps to demonstrate a more effective way in which to handle a task.

The Guest Houses are adequate, but you will not have an en-suite and often only buckets of cold water are available for bathing. In some instances you may be asked to share a room.

When you are visiting Children’s Homes and schools it is unfair to interrupt their set timetables to present a gift for example, and a time will be set aside for you to talk to children after school.

Volunteers from New Hope Australia, Therefore, due to our ever changing programmes etc, the Director has decided that we must be specific as to the criteria required for visiting any of the New Hope India centres at, Muniguda or Kothavalasa

  • Volunteers in India Please send us an email here and we will forward to Director Eliazar T. Rose asking permission for you to be a volunteer for New Hope India, if you feel you fit the following criteria.
  • In the case of Australian volunteers all queries are to be sent first to Elizar T. Rose.
  • Volunteers – New Hope Australia must be physically fit and have full Travel Insurance. New Hope India will not be responsible for any medical costs.
  • Volunteers – New Hope Australia must be able to finance their trips to New Hope and, whilst in India, be prepared to pay for all other travel, e.g. trains, even if your travel is associated with New Hope work.
  • If you are accepted, it is on the understanding that you will raise some funds for New Hope in your own country before leaving. We would appreciate an amount of $1000 minimum.
  • On arrival please have a photocopy of your passport to give to New Hope India. Also please understand that whilst you are with us, that we are responsible for your safety. Therefore please check with Administration if you wish to go outside of any campus. It is advisable to be back at the campus by 6pm. If you wish to stay out later then please make sure we know. In some areas, you will be amongst Tribal people and you could unknowingly do the wrong thing as far as their culture and customs and cause distress and the risk of Tribal people not wanting to work with New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust.
  • Whilst at any guest house of New Hope India, all meals and washing will be done for you at the cost of 200 Rupees (approx $6 AUD) per day. Accounts should be paid weekly.
  • Please be aware that a standard of dress is required. Indian people are modest and do not respect foreigners who are not adequately covered. For women, no shorts, short skirts or low necklines are permitted. The simplest way around this is to buy a Kalmeez or Punjabi Dress whilst here; they are cheap and consist of long pants, long top and scarf. They are very comfortable and the coolest of clothing for women. Men, if engaged in manual work, can wear shorts, however they should not attend any office meeting or prayer meeting, particularly with children present, in inappropriate dress.
  • No smoking or drinking is allowed at any of the New Hope India communities. None of the staff drink or smoke and you should remain aware that they look up to Volunteers in all things. They could be tempted to imitate behavior. If, however, you wish to drink discreetly, it would be tolerated in the guest house in the evening.
  • Many of our staff are from Tribal and rural areas, and in the Indian culture, they do not like familiarity and the western custom of ‘hugging’ and showing physical affection. It embarrasses them, particularly the women.
  • All staff are to be treated with respect and it should be understood that English/Japanese/French/German etc are not usually spoken by many of them, so please be patient.

Volunteers in India