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Christmas Love Bundles are given out to aged Leprosy patients and you receive a card to pass on as a gift to others, for every Christmas Love Bundle purchased. Maybe you will buy a Love Bundle card on behalf of your family or to give as a gift to a friend or family member who you know would rather see that you have, on their behalf given a gift that will change a life, than be given another $20 gift voucher for yet another CD!

$20 dollars is all it takes to give something so treasured to people in much need of items so simple. Their excitement in receiving a Love Bundle is amazing to be there to witness.
When the bundles are given out there is also a special lunch held. It is very humbling to sit down with 80 or more aged patients and see the joy in their eyes and faces for what the day, through you, has brought to them.

We HOPE that you can find it in your heart to purchase a Love Bundle on behalf of someone you love. It brings JOY, LOVE & HOPE.
Thank you again, for your support. Without it New Hope would not be and the people in need would not have a joyous Christmas.

To you & your families….Christmas joy and blessings.

Maggie Sister.


This is what the Love Bundle Card looks like

The card has a photo on the front that shows an aged persons and what they are receiving.

To _________________________________



To those who give and those who receive a Bundle of Love card, all have been part of a chain of events that has changes the quality of life of one or more of some of the poorest isolated elderly Leprosy patients in india. All we can say as the people who received tyre funds and make it possible to happen is –


Eliazar T. Rose
Chairman, New Hope India

Maggie sister, Founder Member
New Hope India Relief Australia

This is what you gave with ever $20 Gift Bundle of Love. Each Love Bundle gives elderly Leprosy Patient, a new comb, sandal, sari, bath towel, soap, coconut oil, scented powder, hair clips and sweets. Bundles of Love are really more than just presents or a gift. They contain practical needed items.
A comb with a long and wide handle, that is easy to hold as many of the aged leprosy patients have deformed hands.
A pair of sandals, Velcro tape straps, inserts made from soft flexible rubber. The soles are tough recycled car tyre rubber. . Each is made to fit the foot as almost all the aged have a serious foot deformity. The sandal prevents ulcers caused through the now curable disease.
For the women, a bright Indian sari, which they swap with other women to get the colour that ‘suits’ them. The men are just as enthusiastic to get a new ‘western’ shirt and the traditional loongi. A cotton bath towel is must too.
It`s a great time to be here when the Bundles are distributed. For the aged who receive these Bundles, hair oil, scented powder, hair clips for the women-are all luxuries.
New Hope Australia is an incorporated registered charity, with DGR Status
– The donations made are tax deductible.

The Love Bundle and whats inside

New Hope Love Bundle

New Hope Love Bundle

Christmas News 2012

New Hope

Maggie Nolan McMullen, OAM – Patron, Founder Member *RIP – 24th September, 2019. She was an inspirational woman who has devoted much of her life to helping the sick and poor in India. Maggie Sister was the founder Trustee and Patron of “New Hope India Relief Australia Inc and a Trustee of New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust India”. She lived and worked from the idyllic town of Broome Western Australia, but her life’s work took her far from that setting. The grandmother of three was known as Maggie Sister, a name given to her by the people with whom she worked in the Indian regions of Western Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. New Hope has TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION STATUS in Australia. We are hoping now that business people and you our supporters will have tax relief when donating to us.

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  1. S. Louis Rayan says:

    Dear Eliazar, pleased to read your service (New hope India), I got inspiration from Br.Sanyassi Paul while i was working at Bethany colony. Now i have small home for the differently abled mentally challenged,Early intervention for the blind and deaf, Mentally ill patients.

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