Bike Ride Invitation

Bike Ride Invitation; New Hope India – to join in a bike ride 2014
Bike ride of Life time – Bike Ride Invitation

BIke Ride Invitation 2014

BIke Ride Invitation 2014

Bike Ride Invitation; The India off the Tourist Track 14 Day Adventure November 2014
Bike Ride Invitation; The funds raised are all for direct benefit of leprosy affected persons and severely disabled children – many of whom you will meet –

Volunteer in Leprosy Colony - Bike Ride Invitation 2014

Volunteer in Leprosy Colony – Bike Ride Invitation 2014

Bike Ride Invitation; Arrive India November 2nd to 16th, 2014 – holiday time a most pleasant weather time in this part of India. Warm days, cool nights – Lush green crops and trees changing color and flowering. Birds everywhere. Add on 3 days available for those interested to see lake that is a Reserve and usually a bird watchers dream time.

Bike Ride Invitation; Our January 2014 Bike ride was a great success as you can read and see from pictures attached. The participants helped with many odd jobs that needed doing and worked with staff and helped children with arts and crafts, skill sharing and games. The leprosy colony people were beyond words by the visit and received Love Bundles that are always appreciated.

Bike Ride Invitation; The cost of your trip in India is based on a group of 14 people. A$2,000 and includes all accommodation and meals and travel from starting at Kothavalasa Day 1.

Bike Ride Invitation; Train reservations have to be made early.

Bike Ride Invitation; Any fund raising done before the trip for New Hope would be appreciated.

Bike Ride Invitation; Are you ready for 14 of enthralling mind boggling adventure? – Experience of a life time. (If you think you are unable to do the cycle part – for whatever reason – tell us and we will give you an alternative)

Bike Ride Invitation; Please read Maggie sisters comments on the inaugural ride in January this year – you will smile we guarantee! Click Here to Read

Click here to Download the Itinerary

Bike Ride Invitation; To participate a deposit of $500 is required by the *15th August 2014 and is non-refundable.

Bike Ride Invitation; Bike Ride Enquiry

Bike Ride Invitation; Thank you

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