Charity Activities India

Charity Activities India and ongoing projects since 1989.

  • Leprosy Field Work: education and eradication of Leprosy.Care of elderly.
  • Leprosy Care in Colonies, including daily dressings and feeding programme for the elderly., re constructive surgery for Leprosy patients.
  • Tribal Villages Orissa: non formal education, reforestation and giving of small Trees and crop seeds.
  • Tribal Women Development: Immunisation of Mother and Child, Safe Delivery Kits, Nutrition, kitchen gardens, health education, Savings & Credit Scheme.
  • Cataract Eye Surgery: Elderly in rural Tribal areas.
  • Care of Children: Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Namaste House: Disabled Children. ‘Open door policy’ in Tribal area, re-constructive surgery when needed.
  • Street Children: 11 Emergency Shelters for homeless orphaned children on the railway stations and slum areas.
  • Hospice Care: for Children and Mothers – affected by AIDS.
  • Care of the Elderly: Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, two homes and an ongoing programme to build more as money becomes available.
  • Vocational Training: for disabled and disadvantaged children.

Charity Activities India : “Why so many Charity Activities India?” you ask.

Because there is no single answer to change poverty. To change the quality of life of the poor means tackling the whole development problem not just a single issue. This is holistic development, working horizontally across all problems, not just a single issue vertical input. These  Charity Activities India tell the story of a NGO – Non Government Voluntary Organisation that works to eradicate Leprosy in western Orissa, and offers custodial care to aged Leprosy victims in both Orissa and Andhra Pradesh States. The work covers all aspects of development – from planting trees in rural hill tribal areas, to offering vocational training to “Street” children in Visakhapatnam city. Free eye surgery for the Cataract blind, and corrective surgery for Polio crippled children. Women and children are immunized. Women are given free safe Delivery Kits .Infant Mortality is being reduced in one of India’s highest IMR areas.

Charity Activities India

Charity Activities India

Charity Activities India

Tribal Villages – Orissa – Charity Activities India

Charity Activities India : Over 500,000 adults and children and over 400 remote tribal villages are assisted by New Hope Charity Activities India with projects including:

  • Education and eradication of leprosy.
  • Immunization against common diseases.
  • Reconstructive surgery for leprosy and polio affected children.
  • Cataract surgery.
  • Farming: In 1995 Thornlie Rotary, with a matching grant from Rotary International, sponsored a Farm, 10 Kilometers from our community centre. Thus making us self sufficient in vegetables, fruit, milk and offering training for new farming techniques.
  • Hospice care for children and mothers affected by AIDS.
  • Vocational training for disabled and disadvantaged children.
  • Kitchen gardens (for elimination of Vitamin A deficiency)
  • Non-formal education.
  • Safe delivery kits and first aid kits.
  • Savings and credit scheme.
  • Annual distribution of tree seedlings and alternative crop seeds.
Charity Activities India

Charity Activities India

Helping Tribal Women – Charity Activities India

  • Becoming literate reduces Infant Mortality Rates.
  • New Hope Charity Activities India has been involved in rural women’s rights and development for more than a decade.
  • Part of the work that New Hope Australia supports is to encourage women in poverty line communities to become literate, we know this changes Infant Mortality Rates.
  • It also involves women in a “Savings and Credit” programme, and opens up understanding on how not to be exploited.
  • Part of the root cause of poverty and exploitation is the lack of education. The majority are illiterate women.
Charity Activities India

Charity Activities India

Cataract Inter-Ocular Lens Surgery – Charity Activities India

To be old and blind in any community is a tragedy

  • To be old and blind in a rural poverty-line community means economic devastation to your family and social sidelining for you as an unwanted burden.
  • This is a sad but very real fact.
  • Simple inter-ocular lens surgery has changed this situation for thousands of aged in our district.
  • Lens implants for the aged leprosy patients have made major changes to quality of life.
  • To save the sight of those afflicted, cataract surgery is undertaken, this costs $50 , which includes hospital, surgery an aftercare.
Charity Activities India

Charity Activities India

Care of Children – Charity Activities India

  • Orissa and Andhra Pradesh New Hope Charity Activities India
  • Mentally and physically handicapped Children.
  • Orphans.
  • Railway (street) children.
  • Children of leprosy patients.
  • HIV/AIDS hospice.
  • 11 emergency shelters in surrounding cities: for homeless children to have a ‘safe heaven’
  • Charity Activities India
Charity Activities India

Charity Activities India

Namaste House – Charity Activities India

  • Charity Activities India – Center for disabled children.
  • After 21 years in western Orissa. New Hope’s center for the disabled Namaste House is the only one of its kind.
  • It has the usual New Hope ‘open door’ policy. New Hope India is open to any child in need.
  • The physically handicapped and mentally challenged children, from poverty line communities, need every assistance to receive vocational training towards self sufficiency.
  • Children afflicted by polio receive schooling, Reconstructive surgery and vocational training, in most cases they then return to their villages and live productive lives. A donation $300 provides surgery, calipers and rehabilitation for a child.
Namaste House

Namaste House

Street Children – Railway Station Platform – Charity Activities India

  • We run 11 Emergency Shelters and link to vocational training.
  • These are children, who for whatever reasons are living, working, begging – surviving on railway station platforms.
  • They act tough on the outside, but most are lonely and frightened kids.
  • Our care through ’emergency shelters’ and half way houses into vocational training is working in 11 major railway station junctions. Vocational Training equipment is always a need. We are grateful to Railway Children UK, for the funding support towards this programme, and to the help received through them from Comic Relief.
Street Children

Street Children

HIV AIDS – Children’s Hospice Care – Charity Activities India

  • We urgently need funds and sponsorship for these children
  • It is a long hard and almost cruel scenario. Just as we are starting to see the end of treating young and new cases of leprosy, along comes AIDS.
  • Part of the policy of Friends New Hope India Relief Australia Trust, is not to earmark funds to New Hope India – but allow them to use what we raise as they see fit.
  • BUT we are appealing for funds to go directly to help children with AIDS in New Hope’s care. Give by sponsoring a child with AIDS or give and build a room in memory of someone you loved.
HIV AIDS - Children's Hospice Care

HIV AIDS – Children’s Hospice Care

Care of the Elderly – Charity Activities India

  • Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Facilities for the elderly include:
  • Four homes and Hospice for the aged providing full care.
  • Elderly patients in leprosy colonies are provided with daily meals and dressing for ulcerated wounds.
  • Immunisation  – Charity Activities India.
Care of the Elderl

Care of the Elderl

  • Mother and Child always a priority
  • New Hope has always said ‘Working for Change’.
  • An exciting change in Infant Mortality Rates is a result of relentless ongoing motivation and practical outreach for mother and child immunisation programmes among the tribal hill communities.
  • Safe delivery kits are also a vital part of lessening the mortality rate.

Charity Activities India