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Dear Friends of New Hope Australia, I have asked Eliazar to give me an email to explain the situation we are in at New Hope main community centre at Kottavalsa. New Hope is very careful with our funds, but sometimes through circumstances like this, we really are struggling.

We had a crisis 2 years ago and I let you all know and you responded quickly and that’s why I feel that you should know when we are struggling. You are a friend to New Hope and that’s why I feel comfortable in asking you again if you can help. If you can donate ,even a little remember its Tax deductible. Maggie sister.

Kottavalsa Education News:  Dear Allan brother and Maggie sister,The new school is not the problem per se. Even without the new school we have run into a serious education problem.We presently have a set of mediocre teachers and we pay mediocre too. Average Rs 4,000 – some with B.Ed degree.

They are managing 1st to 7th class. We now have a small mob of 8th to 10th class students and they need a higher grade of Teacher.
We advertised for teachers in general – English medium – Advertised in newspapers of different levels and languages. Advertised on the internet, advertised with newspaper brochure inserts.
We cant get a bite at Rs 7,500 per month,
One man says to Vasu – ‘do you think someone will work higher classes for Rs10,000’ – hung up laughing.
To enable the 13 senior students to continue their education – (Junior High School)
a) The most convenient in relation to School Bus going by and ‘just around the corner’ as opposed to in the town is a School set up by the Steel Mill for the staff children taking outside children.
b) We approached them for a discount – because we are poor.
c) We have 13 children in need of High School – all in the orphan group ##
d) After concessions, half bus charges Rs 13,500 per child. Per year PAYABLE IN ADVANCE –
The cost is $3,250
That is the SCREW we have to face. Seshu and then ETR bargained for the concession but they wont accept quarterly or half yearly payments – I can see the strategy!! – but it is hurting us.
e) This is less than 50% of what it would cost if we were able to get teachers at Rs7,500.

This is the toughest year for New Hope. It will be tougher next year as AKI will reduce funding. We have had a shocking summer with temperature in the 40’s (add) The question of diesel is horrendous. Rs 50 per litre and Petrol Rs 83. x 1.5 per hour x 8 hours – Rs 960 ($20) a day. The current system is so bad we can just fill the main tanks at the moment, at night. Without the Solar we wouldn’t have a computer in the school working. ETR is now trying to decide whether he can ‘steal’ any of the Solar power for the office computers. They have small UPS/Inverters but they hardly get enough to charge in one night.

Eliazar T Rose
Director – New Hope India.


Sorry – I did not explain the $3,250 is for all 13 children for 1 year, including a ‘joining fee’ which is paid only once.
We have only one student going for 10th class, 7 children in 9th class and 5 children in 8th class. This group will continue their high school at the same school to complete their 10th.

We hope that we can resolve the whole question and problem of teachers and education for the upper classes by the 2013 June new school year. We are working towards not having to send students out i.e this years 7th class will be in our system.

Please feel free to ask any questions. I realise its a bit complicated –
Email me at newhopeindia@live.com

Kindest regards,

Education Grants: We are appealing for a total of 20 education grants for our children in India – A 12 month commitment $100 AUD instalment plan will cover all of fees, books and tutorials for the school year. Although New Hope is proud to be an equal opportunity organization we do admit to a special concern for  children with special needs simply because such children miss out on getting a fair education.

Kottavalsa Education News

 Kottavalsa Education News

Kottavalsa Education News

Kottavalsa Education News

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Maggie Nolan McMullen, OAM – Patron, Founder Member *RIP – 24th September, 2019. She was an inspirational woman who has devoted much of her life to helping the sick and poor in India. Maggie Sister was the founder Trustee and Patron of “New Hope India Relief Australia Inc and a Trustee of New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust India”. She lived and worked from the idyllic town of Broome Western Australia, but her life’s work took her far from that setting. The grandmother of three was known as Maggie Sister, a name given to her by the people with whom she worked in the Indian regions of Western Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. New Hope has TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION STATUS in Australia. We are hoping now that business people and you our supporters will have tax relief when donating to us.

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