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NURSES. THE BEGINNING OF NURSE TRAINING BY NEW HOPE – when we made the move from Jeevan Jyothi Home in Vizianagaram to Kothavalasa there was in a separate room a group of 10 Class students. In those day circa 2008 – 10Class was almost the ultimate of educate for the social and financial section of many families. Our 10class had many students who were from leprosy colony backgrounds. If I write TODAY AND SAY THAT ‘GETTING...


FEB 2024

BACK TO HOME NEW HOPE INDIASUPPORTER UPDATE – FEBRUARY 2024 New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust – working for change, reaching out with care and education. For me as the Director and speaking for the New Hope Trustees and Staff, the Facebook picture alongside from Deanne, Friends of New Hope Australia’s Secretary, says it all.This India – Australia friendship will have been sustained for 20 years in October. It cannot be measured in individual achievements but by the...