SUSTAINABILITY It takes a lot of effort and work from planting the rice seedling to the harvest. In MUNIGUDA the rice harvest ensures there is quality rice for the young people in Namaste House, ensures that every leprosy affected person who comes to us, and usually stays in the Ulcer Ward is well fed! It supports our Colony feeding programme. We believe that this work also gives income for the work to below poverty line village women. We pay them well for the work – part of our policy.

In our Community Centre at Kothavalasa our Cow project is self sustainable and gives us a small income as we sell the surplus milk after the children and aged have theirs.

K.Vasu is an example of our ‘engage young people in learning to be ‘self supporting. He had training at the recognized institute that is directly connected to our selling surplus milk

 We will become even more self sufficient since the Drip Irrigation projected by a donor in Australia starts to yield surplus bananas.

This happened with a visit from Tony Selten – who I implementing ensued that all the seniors had jobs t o do that gave them skills.

This is an interesting photo – Nani cared for the Goats and went on to completed his 5th year of high school English medium and is now a Chef.This helps to explain why you see on our Shopping List – Funding for support to add a cow whenever possible to our herd. To add breeding goats.