Love Bundle Appeal

Again here we are again stepping out in faith to ask if you could help with New Hope Trust India. Its our annual Love Bundle Christmas appeal.

Our Treasurer Graeme Harris who has now served his ‘apprenticeship’ is again in his voluntary position taking on the responsibility of sending the Cards you order. Our Secretary Deanne is also having cards and hopefully will have some for the UK too. (You can pay by PayPal or Bank Transfer), its all available on this website.
Leprosy is still a real health problem in India, its not historical, it real today sadly.

Please support us in this Love Bundle Annual Appeal that changes the quality of life of some of the poorest people imaginable.

Receiving a Love Bundle

Receiving a Love Bundle


Thank you to those who have read our last Newsletter from your support in purchasing a Love Bundle Card in 2016 because of your generosity:

Bundle of Love - Donation
Bundle of Love - Donation
Our love bundles are given out at Christmas time. Mostly to Leprosy colonies whom New Hope care for. Each love bundle includes a Bed Sheet, Towel, Sari (or Loongi for men) Sandals (made at New Hope by our Cobblers), Soap, Coconut Oil, Talcum Powder, all wrapped up with a big red bow.
Price: 20.00 AUD
YEN 1,906.00

Seven leprosy colonies received Love Bundle Gift Packs, aged women in 34 villages all received the Packs too, 92 Cataract eye surgery poverty line women and 42 homeless women too all given from your support of the Love Bundle appeal; much appreciated. 3 women who stay at Kothavalasa community centre received their Packs. Each of the women comes from so unbelievably different backgrounds and all have sad and terrible stories that bring them into our Community. 3 men at the Leprosy Custodial Home also. I tell you all this to emphasis the extend of goodness that comes out of your buying the Love Bundle Cards For every Christmas Love Bundle purchased you receive a handmade Christmas Card from New Hope ( the New Hope children assemble the card and understand they are also helping others by doing this after school hours) which can be given instead of a gift.

A Bundle of Love

A Bundle of Love

Maybe you will buy a Love Bundle card on behalf of your family or to give as a gift to a friend or family member who you know would rather see that you have, on their behalf given a gift that will change a life, than be given another $20 gift voucher for yet another CD!

A Love Bundle that is given to the patients has practical and needed gifts.

Each one has a Bed Sheet, Towel, Sari (or Loongi for men) Sandals (made at New Hope by our Cobblers), Soap, Coconut Oil, Talcum Powder, all wrapped up with a big red bow. A more descriptive explanation is on the Love Bundle Cards that you buy.

You can’t imagine the delight when they receive a Love Bundle and realize that people have helped them. A kindness to them of what they see as luxury items.

“I would like to close by saying thank you to those who throughout the year have bought a virtual gift through this website. Most of our seeds we buy with money sent for virtual gifts Tomato plants, drumstick trees, marigold flowers, pumpkins are all producing food.. Thank you to all that so many have helped New Hope during the year. –
All the New Hope Trust wish you every happiness and good health in the year to come.”

Eliazar T Rose

PS. Ruth and I have become Grandparents this year as our daughter Asha had a baby girl. Can’t believe I am a Grandfather ! Ruth is of course in her element with a baby.

New Hope

Maggie Nolan McMullen, OAM – Patron, Founder Member *RIP – 24th September, 2019. She was an inspirational woman who has devoted much of her life to helping the sick and poor in India. Maggie Sister was the founder Trustee and Patron of “New Hope India Relief Australia Inc and a Trustee of New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust India”. She lived and worked from the idyllic town of Broome Western Australia, but her life’s work took her far from that setting. The grandmother of three was known as Maggie Sister, a name given to her by the people with whom she worked in the Indian regions of Western Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. New Hope has TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION STATUS in Australia. We are hoping now that business people and you our supporters will have tax relief when donating to us.