Goat keeping has been part of New Hope for many years. We are always trying to expand the herd size. No one milks goats in this area. They are often called ‘mutton’ as in reality there are no sheep herds like you think of in Australia. There are three major festivals were goats are purchased at a premium price.

Senior boys are always involved in it and we have to have a person responsible for the herd breeding.  The goats have a good ‘house’ and a walking compound that is secure for them and us. Meaning dogs cannot get in to the goats area and the goats can’t get out and eat our growing banana plants!

In the above photo is Nani who as a high school student he went every day to check the goats and make a note. You can see in his hand a ‘record book’ The same with the young person caring orthe cows. Morning and evening milk records and data related to the whole project.