Becoming self sustainable by Solar

India now encourages us to set up Solar Panels and feed the energy into the Government ‘Grid’ system.  We will basically not only not pay Power Bills – but if the energy generated is greater we will quarterly receive a payment. (We have nor calculated that for many reasons!!)

The initial cost  $14,000. New Hope in United Kingdom will support equivalent  $A 4,000. In New Hope Australia we have an Estate Fund that we can draw as an ‘internal’ loan

New Hope UK has offered to give for a Donor – Memorial Plaque – for support donations above $250. (This ‘not paying for power monthly’ is  saving for New Hope India and means less stress to keep needed funds for Cataract Eye Surgery, Support to Tribal Kondh Dongria 34 villages and help us accumulate funds in the Nurses Fund and Vocational Training)