This is one of the oldest and original Cataract Eye Projects in India, manage by a Non Government Organization Charity.The Indian national figure is 4% of population. In our area it was 6% and we are now down to the National average of 4% – that’s an incredible 2% reduction.  We are about to expand to a new tribal area, wholly supported by donations of $50 an operation. The main support if this achievement has been funding support from Friends of New Hope Australia . It will take another 4 years to eradicate from 6% to 4% in this new adjoining, difficult area to get to.. Time is time and we must keep doing this needed support, mainly aged who suffer socially when ‘blind’ and unable to be part of the whole family work pattern in villages.

This is our ‘prized’ photograph – taken 11 years ago. All the ‘Eye Surgery planned projects have the similar photo. A group of aged poverty line people in need of cataract eye surgery.

He came with his ‘walking stick’ and made it known that he would keep it. He would not give it up until after the operation because although he believed what ever we said was correct in his village. That New Hope gav children writing slates to learn to write – well – he was not a child so he would wait and see.

A year later he came back for his secnd eye operation. No hesitation. The most interesting and very positive part of his conversation with the same ‘head’ Nurse. “After the ‘blndness’ left the eye and I  could walk without a stick and I could collect firewood for mys family they respected me again.”

The burden of having a ‘blind’ person in a family; where everyone contributes something often leads that persons to be  considered a ‘burden. This aspect is important.