The Book Sister Sister

The Book Sister Sister: has been sponsored and that enables the trust to give all proceeds from its sales to set up rehabilitation and business opportunities for Women with Leprosy. Then they can generate an income and stop the sad and cruel cycle of begging.

The Book Sister Sister – Book for Sale –  

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255 page paperback. ISBN 0-646-43748-8

A Great Read: All proceeds New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust. India.

The Book Sister Sister – Paper Back – Price $30.00 AUD

Sister Sister - Paperback Book
Sister Sister - Paperback Book
This Hard Copy Book "Sister Sister": has been sponsored and that enables the trust to give all proceeds from its sales to set up rehabilitation and business opportunities for Women with Leprosy. Then they can generate an income and stop the sad and cruel cycle of begging.

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The Book Sister Sister has been sponsored and that enables the trust to give all proceeds from its sales to set up rehabilitation and business opportunities for Women with Leprosy. Then they can generate an income and stop the sad and cruel cycle of begging.

On the surface it would seem reasonable to say – “A woman living in a Leprosy Colony in India and a woman living in Broome, Western Australia would be close to the proverbial chalk and cheese.

The Book Sister Sister: About 17 years ago Maggie Nolan must have looked back and thought, “my life has been through some ups and downs, like a see saw, some highs and some lows that weren’t really what one wants in life”. She must have reflected at times on her journey through life! Then almost out of the blue she gets the opportunity to make a journey, a real journey that turned one of those dreams we have as children, to go off somewhere, into a reality. Maggie’s childhood fantasy was always India, the Taj Mahal, camels wandering through rural villages and all the pictures that make up a trip to India. Fantasies rarely include smells of course, nor the grime of a 36-hour steam train journey. Here was a woman about to fulfill a dream and it was to be a one off, one time trip – or so she thought.

Her passion and the reality of life have often been so far apart that she must have stamped her foot quietly some times. Her passion was nursing and every time it got cut short or was forced onto a back burner.

Her ‘sister’ in India had a desire, a dream, a vision – to get through high school and to have the change to go to college and become a teacher. When Maggie was a teenager, her generation was breaking out, wearing peddle pushers and keeping hems either up to mini or down to whatever broke tradition. Going to a pub at 21 was part of a new scene. Boy friends were blokes you went out with because you like or fancied them. Her Indian sister did what was tradition and married a young man a couple of years older than her, who she had never seen until after the marriage vows were performed and they had walked around a ceremonial fire seven times; just like in the Gandhi movie.

The Book Sister Sister; Both women shared the same joys of knowing that they were pregnant, or in the Indian context, ‘with child’. It is at the point in time that their lives go so far down two different roads that it’s impossible to think that there could ever be some common bond that could bring them together.

The irony of it all is that the road that Preethi went down, because she had no option what so ever, ended up being the path that bought them together – leprosy.

The Book Sister Sister; In the back of the book you will find a card folder. Sometimes people have gold or silver jewellery put away somewhere simply because they don’t know what to do with it. NEW HOPE has the opportunity to sell the silver and gold content and to put the profits into the Trust set up by Maggie sister for leprosy women’s custodial care and rehabilitation project. Please place your jewellery into the folder and send to Maggie sister.

The Book Sister Sister


The Book Sister Sister; “Every time Maggie goes to India, I long to go with her and check out the ‘kids’ at Boomerang House and see the always inspiring Eliazar and the beautiful and gentle Ruth. Of course the kids have grown since I last saw them 6 years ago and some are now undertaking vocational training. One of the positive outcomes of the wonderful work done by NEW HOPE. For me NEW HOPE was a humbling experience and the children and the family of NEW HOPE found a place in my heart which will always be theirs. Much as I would like to visit again I have accepted the health limitations preclude this. Instead I try to support Maggie in her untiring and unstinting efforts to bring about change for these special people. I am eternally grateful to Maggie for sharing NEW HOPE with me. I now have a garden of memories and I can pick a flower whenever I want”
Janet Formby, Bunbury, Western Australia.

The Book Sister Sister; I have now lived in England for many years, but the memory of living and working in leprosy colonies never leaves me. We see people begging in the UK and Europe today – but there is somehow a great chasm, great distance between the reasons why people with leprosy, a now curable disease and here is so different that it makes the ‘east is east and west is west’ expression so true, to me. As a Trustee of New Hope Rural Community Trust, UK and India I have seen first hand what is achieved by the small amounts that ordinary people, like most of us are, do for people with leprosy – especially women.
Danny Parisipogula

The Book Sister Sister; It wasn’t my first trip to India, but it was my first trip to one of the most fascinating ‘live shows’ I have ever seen – New Hope is an ongoing film of life that promotes change and development. I was deeply saddened to see those children with HIV but heartened by the care and attention they receive. I was shocked at how pitiful are the living conditions of some of the tribal people but excited to be with the tribal women as they talked about progress. With the help of several other volunteers, I run a Charity Book Sale in January each year to raise funds for New Hope. The organisation of this requires some effort but the rewards are wonderful when it is possible to visit a Leprosy colony and actually see how the funds are being used.
Beth Daebritz, Busselton, Western Australia.

The Book Sister Sister: is a unique story continuing to unfold even after it has been written. It involves characters who are discovered on a daily basis by a man whose work is unfinished and whose dedication is non-fiction. Another time or place that victim of leprosy could be me or you. You don’t get used to being disfigured, repellent or begging, you just cope from day to day. Imagine at your lowest ebb how precious it would be to have acceptance, medical care and shelter offered by strangers. Everything you had come to know as your lot in life turned on its head by people wanting to give you back your life and its meaning. This is the New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust. Leprosy knows no barriers. It affects young and old, rich and poor, and in India any caste, any religion.
Jill Ghanouni, Southhampton, UK.

The Book Sister Sister

The Book Sister Sister

The Book Sister Sister