New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; Leprosy sufferers and HIV/AIDS Victims turn to New Hope

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; Eliazar Rose and his wife Ruth were both children of leprosy patients in India and so they started New Hope a road for relief in 1985. As opposed to other charities New Hope has an open door policy where they don’t turn away anyone in need – from orphaned beggars, to the many leprosy sufferers and HIV/AIDS women and children who are outcast by society. Albany lady Lyn Madigan was one of the traveling party and brings us a peephole about New Hope. Lyn is available to address Lions Club meetings (Albany, Western Australia). She can be contacted via email:

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; New Hope has established community centres, schools and leprosy colonies as well as hospices for the increasing number HIV/AIDS victims in India and also a surgical hospital in Orissa which specializes in cataract surgery for the tribal areas.

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; New Hope provides health care and education to some of the most remote and disenfranchised people in India including many disabled people and children and those living in abject poverty working from the remote community centre at Muniguda, Orissa.

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; Maggie Nolan, OAM from Broome in WA visited India about 25 years ago and became involved with this organization. In those very early days Maggie spent so much time in remote villages, many of them she had to walk a day or more to reach. Maggie Sister, as she is known to many used her valuable nursing experience delivering babies, helping leprosy patients etc.

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; Maggie Sister was the first white woman seen by many remote villagers. She has raised many thousands of dollars and she and her partner Allan Mc Mullan were instrumental in setting up New Hope Australia where he is presently chairman of the board. Maggie was awarded an order of Australia in 2000 in recognition of her untiring work with New Hope. This year saw the inaugural bike rally for New Hope. Eighteen West Australians, including seniors from Broome and Albany met at Visakhapatnam and traveled to Kothavalasa

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; Where they were met by the beaming faces of the children and staff, who live at the orphanage.

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; The welcome party was a little emotional as the children hung garlands around the visitors’ necks, took their hands and with huge smiles said “welcome auntie”. Such beautiful children who have nothing material but huge smiles and lots of love. The staff at Kothavalasa certainly looked after the Australian visitors. Nothing was too much trouble. It was a four day stay and during this period there was time to paint, made secure goat yards, reticulated and enjoyed time with the children who were so eager to help. During the 18 days of the bike rally over 800ks were traveled, much of that on trains, buses, tuk tuks (Auto Rickshaw) and cars and of course the bikes!!

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; The visitors spent some time at Muniguda where New Hope has the only center for special children with challenging needs, a surgical hospital for the tribal villagers with eye problems and care for the aged. Muniguda is the first community established by New Hope. Visits were made to tribal villages and leprosy colonies as well as their time staying at the New Hope communities. The Love and care given by New Hope to these people in need is outstanding and the vision for the future by the director Eliazar Rose along with money raised through New Hope Australia will see this continue well into the future. For more information on New Hope go to.

New Hope Bike Ride – Lions Club; – Thank You

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