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Panel Newsletter 2018

Dear Friends of New Hope,

This past year has not been easy and it has been a miracle in itself because of the love and support shown to Al and me.
I would not have come through it all without incredibly first class medical care in Perth and Broome. Special thanks to David & Patty who have faithfully opened their home to us when I have to go for treatment every 2 weeks in Perth…- thank you also Dr Sally.

A once in a life time trip to parts of eastern Europe as a gift from Al blew my mind away – until I fell down some stairs in the night going to the bathroom in quaint low cost hotel!. Believe it, that is another story.

So let me say simply – I am still here and thankful to be able to write my annual ‘begging letter’. Yes Its Love Bundle Gift Card time again. Yes a year has gone by and yes they do go faster!

Most of you who kindly support this appeal year after year don’t need me to tell you about the people who get these strange looking gift packs. I have stood there giving the Bundles of Love out physically and I can say well that was the best smile on earth made possible by someone who gave $20. There is a Bike Ride in January 2019 and the people on that will also have the opportunity to see those smiles.

Our faithful friend and Treasurer Graeme Harris will be sending the cards you order on the website out – no doubt Bea will also help with that. And thanks in advance to Deanne our Secretary and has been my friend since I first started to go to India in 1989. How loyal is that? Deanne will have Love Bundle Cards at Peppygrove Beach Capel way, and surrounds .

Then up jumps Alana and other crew on the Board and put on a show in Perth and raised lots of money and many kids were sponsored. An incredible event and incredible result that will seriously touch children’s lives.

I am happy to say that we have a New Hope Broome ‘Chapter’ and as well as Love Bundles they will be arranging an event to launch a new book.
After a lot of thinking and reflecting, a new edition of Sister Sister book is at the printers as I type this! Quite nerve wracking to write a book and then print, and sell. 100% profit for New Hope. I had forgotten some things in earlier editions that came to mind as being part of the real story. I also have extra chapters, about special people, all new photos, and I love the cover of the book! Amazing times for me and yeah a bit of philosophy to finish this final edition.
New Hope has changed. The changes have been positive and in many ways made possible by the financial help of people in Australia.

Finally I want to thank that dear bloke, Chairman Allan McMullen for all that he has done for New Hope. Over the years, about 25, he has been Chairman for at least 20 of them. Allan is now retiring as Chairman. Thanks Al, I know you did it for New Hope but you also did it for me and you are really loved by many.

Thank you – and Seasons Greetings – Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2019.


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