Bike Ride India

Bike Ride India; – to join in a Bike Ride India 2016
Bike ride of Life time – Bike Ride India.


After a day at the New Hope Community Centre in Kothavalsa (North Andhra Pradesh) the Bike Ride Team and Indian support group went by scenic train to the hill station at Araku. 22 Tunnels and still a very typical non tourist train with vendors getting on and off the train with fruit, sweets, tea and shoe shines.



Centre – Melanie Bussicott (with husband Chris) from England. They had been to New Hope as volunteers in 1985. It was great to see them again)


You can see Maggie sister on right. She got served first! Simon and Marilyn have a ‘lets see what it looks like ‘expression’ – It was Marilyn’s second Bike Ride tour and Simons first.


Left to right: Ramu who now manages our small city office for communications. (Recently married April 2016) Maggie sister. P Sai Kumar who is sponsored by one of the Bike Riders, Anil Paul – The first New Hope student to go to University – Maggie sister Indian ‘grandson’.

The Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation established in 1957 a Leprosy Clinic, Medical Ward and Training centre for Paramedics. In 2012 the Foundation asked New Hope Rural Leprosy Trist to take over its management as they could not arrange funds for its upkeep and the administration problem bearing in mind that GMLF is based in Wardha, Maharashtra State Leprosy-GMLF-Maggie-2016