Bike Ride 2019

INVITATION from New Hope India – to join in a bike ride –


The funds raised are all for direct benefit of leprosy affected persons and disabled children – homeless women – talk with children whose backgrounds are mostly simply ‘sad’ but what they have achieved is incredible.–

Arrive India January 24th to 4th February, 2019 – holiday time and the most pleasant weather time in this part of India. (Option to stay on another week if you wish to do volunteer work)

The cost for the whole time with us is A$1,500 –we have new easy to ride 3 gear bikes with carrier. A vehicle follows you with food and equipment where needed. You will travel off the usual tourist track 90% of the time and see places most never get a chance to and at a seasonal time when in rural India there are many activities. Its in northern Andhra Pradesh and into western Odisha (Orissa). (Visakhaptnam, Araku, Vizianagaram, Bobbili, Rayagada, Muniguda, Sambalpur are all marked on most maps

SENIOR CITIZENS who would simply like to, come and not ‘ride’ can travel in the backup vehicle. (With me Eliazar, Director – I’m not a bike rider!!!) ($120 SAVING ON Cycle). All medical facilities are available in Visakhapatnam and Sambalpur where we travel)

Your first stay will be in New Hope Children’s Community Village – and do 2 days volunteer work if you wish – gardening, teaching English, carpentry, cooking. Go by train to a ‘hill station with incredible views of land and rural villages as its winds it way up. to Araku and see Tribal Kondh villages as you ride through the countryside.

New Hope is now responsible for the Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation First Aid Centre in a small town called Chilakalapalli. It has a 20 bed Ward. To get there we will ride to Vizianagaram from the starting point which is in Visakhapatnam* New Hope Kottavalsa Community Centre. Take a train to Bobbili and ride Bikes through rural country side to the Centre. From there ride through villages to highway and up to a stop at small Indian town. Ride around and stay overnight at Bobbili in a clean Indian Lodge (Hotel without license) Travel to Muniguda and see the New Hope Community Centre with the Hospital where so many people have given to have poverty line women and aged leprosy patients being prepared for cataract eye surgery. Meet the challenged young people of Namaste House and stay in the Centre for 2 days, meeting Tribal women who will come down from the hills on the way to market. Then travel by train to Sambalpur nearest to the leprosy colony where we spend a day interacting with the community. The leprosy colony visit shows a different village lifestyle. There is a side trip to visit Hiracaud Dam. In Sambalpur see a unique pattern and method of tie dye cloth unique only to this small area of India. Train in in evening return to Kothavalasa. Children Community Centre

The cost of your trip in India is based on a group of 12 people.
Any fund raising done before the trip for New Hope would be appreciated.
Are you ready for TWELVE DAYS of enthralling mind boggling adventure? – Experience of a life time.

Premala whose shop you see is part of the New Hope story. A small girl with Polio – Corrective surgery through Namaste House (Home for Challenged Children. Educated and rehabilitated.
Namaste House is still the only recognised care home for older young people with challenges.

Giving Love Bundles to aged Tribal women, aged leprosy patients in the colonies we visit on the bike ride is part of the story of care and concern for truly poverty line people.